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Welcome to Alphabet

Alphabet is a premier, expert knowledge and consulting provider for the Insurance market place.

Our expertise lies with deploying deep insurance knowledge and technical skills by providing highly skilled and professionally trained staff to Brokers, Underwriters, Intermediaries, IT companies and Lawyers, to support their business objectives, direction and vision.

Alphabet are experts in IRIS and have consultants with over 20 years' experience developing, implementing and configuring this leading London Market underwriting application. From early days as a pure green screen system right through to the latest current release we are able to complete any project on IRIS and have experience of many such projects.

We currently provide on-going application support and analysis to two prestigious companies and have recently completed a number of projects involving configuration of the IRIS application.

So, if help is needed supporting or delivering your vision, or solving a specific business issue, be it compliance, risk, technical, or even resources then Alphabet has the team to deliver.

To reach Alphabet, just click on the "contact us" on the top right.

Geoff Cowan
Chief Executive
Alphabet Resourcing Limited